In today’s update, Appwrite unveiled two significant enhancements in version 1.5: the addition of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and ENUM support. Previously, implementing 2FA required employing various functions as makeshift solutions, which often left resources vulnerable to unauthorized access before the 2FA verification process was completed. 2FA methods that will be supported:

Time-based one-time passwords (TOTP) This method allows a user to leverage common authenticator apps like Google Authenticator or Twilio Authy that provide a TOTP for authentication.
Emails This method sends a one-time password (6-digit code) to the user’s email address for authentication.
SMS This method sends a one-time password (6-digit code) to the user’s phone number for authentication.

ENUM support simplifies certain areas of development. For example, To log in with Apple, you must pass the apple string as the provider. With enums, you’ll be able to pass OAuthProvider.Apple. For example:

const account = new Account(client);

account.createOAuth2Session(OAuthProvider.Apple, '[LINK_ON_SUCCESS]', '[LINK_ON_FAILURE]', true);

Previous method:

const account = new Account(client);

// Go to OAuth provider login page

Get Started

Similar to messaging and Server-Side Rendering (SSR), the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) functionality is not yet live. But if you’re keen to get ahead of the curve, consider exploring Dennis Ivy’s product tour (video below) to familiarize yourself in advance of the launch. It has been noted that version 1.5, featuring these updates, is slated for release in March, available on both cloud and self-hosted platforms.


I’d like to say, @eldadfux, I called it! The introduction of 2FA support is a much-needed update, in my opinion. The enhancements in authentication and ENUM support are definitely going to improve the way we developers operate, though I wasn’t convinced they warranted a special announcement.

I’m curious to know, what has been your favorite announcement thus far? Normally, I’d speculate about what the next update might be, but at this point, you’re likely already in the know! Feel free to share your thoughts with me on Twitter/X or down in the comments section.

Keep an eye out, as I’ll be publishing articles throughout the week to delve into Appwrite’s latest announcements.