Init Day 4 - Announcing more and updated runtimes

Every story, no matter how good, has its final page. This week has been a treasure trove of insights for the much-anticipated 1.5 release. But let’s not forget, it’s not just the new features or the cool freebies stealing the spotlight; it’s the camaraderie and friendships we’ve built along the way that truly shines.

With v1.5, Appwrite broadens and refreshes its function runtime environment, integrating support for Bun 1.0.29, Node 21, Ruby 3.3, Deno 1.40, PHP 8.3, Python 3.12, Kotlin 1.9, Java 18, Swift 5.9, and Dart 3.3.

Bun was originally only available for self-hosted but has joined the cloud team, offering runtime performance that surpasses NodeJS. It natively supports TypeScript, includes implementation of standard web APIs like fetch(), and features an integrated test runner.


With today being the last day of init I was hoping for something more substantial than runtimes being upgraded. For sure, this shouldn’t take away from the gravity of having updated runtimes. Who knows? Maybe we’ll hear some big news later today in the last init Discord event.

What has been your favourite part of init? What new features or tools are you going to implement with the new stuff Appwrite has announced? Let me know over on Twitter/X or in the comments below.

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